Public law prescribed order templates

In 2014, the president of the Family Court issued the following public law prescribed orders:

  • case management order
  • standard directions order

They’ve been updated to be compatible with the new Public Law Outline.

Case management order template

The case management order template allows locally agreed standard directions for any of the suggested headings (and more, as appropriate). The mandatory headings should always be used unless there’s a reasoned basis for not doing so.

You must always complete the case management system material referred to in the template. However expert code G was a replication which has now been removed.

You must complete the timetable for proceedings and jurisdiction paragraphs.

Where you’re asked to specify reasons, it's because there’s a legal obligation to do so. When considering any extension of time beyond 26 weeks, choose and complete the relevant sub-paragraph by reference to the guidance given in Re S (A Child) [2014] EWCC 14 April.

Standard directions order template

You can use the standard directions order template when the court has given instructions to the parties on how you're going to prepare the case (‘directions’).

Download the templates

Case management order (Word 150 KB)

Standard directions order (Word 87 KB)

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