New law allows UK lawyers to practise in Luxembourg

English and Welsh solicitors can now register to practise UK and public international law in Luxembourg, under a new bill voted into law on 29 June.
An image of the Chamber of Deputies in Luxembourg.
The Chamber of Deputies, the national legislature of Luxembourg.

On 29 June, the Luxembourg parliament voted into a law a bill implementing article 194 of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA).

What the changes mean for solicitors

Until now, UK lawyers were forbidden from practising in Luxembourg.

Under the new legislation, UK lawyers can register in Luxembourg to practise UK and public international law.

This does not affect UK lawyers who are already dual-qualified in Luxembourg.

The new legislation sets an important precedent for TCA implementation in other EU member states.

The bill follows a series of productive conversations between the Law Society of England and Wales and local representatives in Luxembourg.

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