The Law Society National Board for Wales

The National Board for Wales was established in December 2022.

The Board was established to better represent:

  • views of the solicitors' profession in Wales
  • Welsh solicitors' current priorities
  • views and priorities to external bodies in accordance with the polices set by the Board and Council

The Board will support our Wales office in the development and delivery of its work programme in line with our three-year and annual business plans.

It will also oversee the activities of the Wales office and report annually to the Board as to the efficiency and effectiveness of those activities.

The Board will strategically support the Wales office engagement with:

  • Welsh Government
  • Welsh Parliament
  • individual members of the Senedd
  • Welsh members of the UK Parliament
  • other stakeholders

The National Board for Wales will also advise the Board of The Law Society on the policies and processes of the ongoing development of Welsh devolution including:

  • law-making process in Wales
  • emergence of a distinct body of law which applies only to Wales
  • changes in both law and process applicable only in Wales which impact on the practice of law in Wales
  • the rule of law and access to justice in Wales
  • disseminate this information to the solicitors' profession throughout England and Wales

The National Board for Wales will also recognise, promote and support the contribution of the solicitors' profession to the Welsh economy. 

It will further promote the use of the Welsh language in the delivery of legal services within Wales.

Member of the National Board for Wales:

  • Mark Davies (chair)
  • Gareth Jones (vice chair)
  • Scott Bowen (council member)
  • Mark Evans (council member)
  • Carolyn Kirby (council member)
  • Clive Thomas (council member)
  • Daniella Mahapatra
  • Kelly Byrne
  • Eve Piffaretti
  • Emily Littlehales
  • Edward Friend
  • Huw Williams (co-opted 1 year)
  • Prof Michael Draper (co-opted 1 year)

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