Transaction (TA) forms

These transaction forms are for use in business and residential property sales.

Some forms are only available through third-party suppliers.

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TA4 Required Commonhold Information (1st edition) 2007

A form to record information in relation to the sale and purchase of a property in commonhold.

Available from:

TA6 Property information form (4th edition) (2020)

TA7 Leasehold information form (3rd edition) (2023)

TA8 New home information form (2007)

Available from:

TA9 Commonhold information form (2007)

This form is to capture information relevant to acting on the sale or purchase of commonhold property.

Download a specimen extract of a TA9 form (PDF 729 KB)

Available from:

TA10 Fittings and contents form (3rd edition) (2013)

For the seller to identify what's included in and excluded from the sale price. You're likely to need a TA10 for every purchase.

Download a specimen extract of a TA10 form (PDF 721 KB)

Available from:

TA13 Completion information and undertakings (4th edition) (2023)

Makes sure the buyer has all the important information they need before completion. This includes property information and vacant possession. (Some replies to requisitions are treated as a solicitor's undertaking.)

Download a specimen extract of a TA13 form (PDF 116 KB)

The TA13 form was updated in January 2023. From 14 February 2023, only the updated version should be used.

Available from:

TA15 Commonhold information request (1st edition) (2007)

This form can be used to capture information relevant to acting on the sale or purchase of commonhold property.

Available from:

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