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Legal Sustainability Alliance

Legal Sustainability AllianceWe are working with our members to improve their environmental impact through the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA). The LSA encourages its members to adopt sustainable development goals and develop more sustainable working practices.

Membership of the LSA is free and provides access to events, resources, tools and advice. For more information and to join, see the LSA website.

Our environmental policy

In 2012, we adopted a formal environmental policy committed to:

  • Managing, monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of our business operations.
  • Making staff and visitors aware of the Law Society's environmental policy and understand its rationale through effective communication, training for staff and by encouraging participation and commitment.
  • Ensuring that our buildings are as energy efficient as possible and that, where possible, the energy consumed by the Law Society is provided by either 'green' energy or a renewable source.
  • The efficient use of all natural resources e.g. by reducing the amount of paper and stationery, minimising the use of water in our premises and reducing energy use.
  • Minimising waste and taking every opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle any waste that we do generate.
  • Continuing to purchase effectively and ethically, whilst considering the environmental performance of existing and potential suppliers.
  • Integrating environmental considerations into future business policy decisions.
  • Implementing an environmental management scheme with certified accreditation.