Three steps to a diversity and inclusion strategy that creates lasting change

Create lasting change in your firm with our diversity and inclusion framework: your roadmap to developing and delivering a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion.

Our diversity and inclusion (D&I) framework is a systematic approach to developing and delivering a D&I strategy.

The framework has simple steps you can follow, tangible actions you can take and regular checkpoints to help you monitor your progress.

But how can you use it?

We look at how you can use the framework's three-step action plan to create lasting change and a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected and safe.

Step 1: establish your purpose and determine why you need to act on D&I

Understanding why you need to act on D&I is the first step. You'll continually refer to your purpose as you communicate, review and refine your D&I strategy. So how do you do it?

Articulate why you need to act

Why is your firm working on D&I?

Set out a clear and specific rationale for taking action – it needs to be widely understood and clearly communicated regularly, particularly by leaders.

Gain buy-in from stakeholders

Have you engaged with your firm's tone-setters, resource-controllers and D&I champions?

D&I activity with impact requires a collective effort – gain understanding and buy-in from senior leaders, managers and representatives from diverse backgrounds.

Collect, analyse and report D&I data

What D&I data do you currently collect and what are you doing with it?

Data about D&I gives you clear evidence on your firm's diversity, colleagues' experiences and workplace culture.

Collect and analyse this data to help measure improvement as you start to implement your strategy.

Step 2: develop a plan and know what you'll do

Just having purpose is not enough – you need to follow it with tangible actions to create lasting change.

Determine your goals

What do you expect to see by improving D&I in your firm?

Setting ambitious but realistic goals helps keep your efforts focused and makes sure your decisions are aligned to your short- and long-term strategies.

Identify the actions

Do you know what you need to do and how that will help you achieve your D&I goals?

You need an action plan to help get things done. This will pinpoint what needs to happen, who is delivering it and what is being done.

Our framework includes a template action plan you can use.

Identify the resources you need

Do you have the resources to act on D&I?

To progress D&I in your firm, you need to build it into long-term resource planning.

Be clear about who delivers actions, determine if any additional resources are needed and engage senior stakeholders to provide the budget.

Step 3: ensure performance and make sure your actions lead to lasting change

Your D&I strategy needs good governance, transparency and recognition to make sure it is implemented effectively.

Set up a decision-making framework

How do you make decisions about D&I?

You need to establish governance to unblock barriers to progress, provide accountability and enable decisions to be made.

Governance makes sure D&I is prioritised in the long term.

Be open and transparent

Can you answer your clients', employees' and prospective employees' questions about your D&I performance?

Being open about your progress keeps you accountable and can help drive genuine change – make sure your D&I reporting is simple to understand, authentic and relevant to your goals.

Recognise positive behaviour

How are you recognising and rewarding D&I in your firm?

D&I is part of everyone's everyday responsibilities, so get the whole firm involved. Set objectives and recognise efforts and behaviours that contribute towards your firm's D&I activity.


These steps help you identify your own rationale for taking action, set goals based on evidence and make sure the change you're seeking lasts.

Stop rushing to react on D&I. Be proactive and use the framework to embed lasting change in your organisation. Then share what's worked as case studies.

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Explore our diversity and inclusion framework and create lasting change in your organisation.

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