Law Society engages conveyancing community as it launches property form consultation

A six-month consultation on the TA6 Property information form (5th edition) (2024) has been launched by the Law Society of England and Wales today (10 July).

The consultation will include:

  • engagement with stakeholder groups including conveyancing and legal groups, local law societies, and Law Society licensees
  • an online survey to capture views on the wider policy changes in residential conveyancing. Also to capture views about the TA6 itself and experience of using the property form
  • focus groups with conveyancers to understand their current experience of using both versions of the TA6 and to understand the concerns on key areas of change
  • delivering deep dive online webinars exploring key areas of concern including liability and digitisation
  • user experience testing of the new form

“We are committed to engaging with conveyancers across the country in the coming months to discuss issues relating to the new edition of the TA6 form,” said Law Society chief executive officer Ian Jeffery.

“We want to hear from conveyancers who have used the forms and also those who haven’t and understand why they haven’t.

“We want to understand users’ experience and views of the TA6 form and its part in the wider conveyancing landscape and to identify improvements to the property form.”

An independent research agency will carry out the direct member engagement exercises and survey and analyse the feedback.

The insight from the consultation will help the Law Society to enhance the structure and content of the TA6 and inform the communication and change management support it provides to members.

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