UK signs up to Hague 19 Convention

The UK government has signed up to the Hague 19 Convention, meaning judgments made in courts in England and Wales will be recognised internationally in future.*

“We are pleased the UK is joining the Hague 19 Convention, which sets out to provide a framework of common rules to facilitate the recognition and enforcement of judgments from one jurisdiction to another,” said Law Society of England and Wales president Nick Emmerson.

“The Convention will come into force 12 months after ratification and will apply to judgment in proceedings started after that day.

“By facilitating the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, the Convention enhances access to justice for citizens and consumers around the world. It also strengthens a positive national and international environment for multilateral trade, investment and mobility.

“It is important, however, that the UK becoming a contracting state to Hague 19 should not stop efforts to further facilitate cross border enforcement of judgments, including continued discussions to accede to the Lugano Convention.**”

Notes to editors

* The 2019 Hague Convention has so far been ratified by the European Union, Ukraine and Uruguay.

** The Lugano Convention provides for the recognition and enforcement of a wide range of civil and commercial judgments between the EU and EFTA states. It’s an international agreement and other states may join subject to approval of the present parties to the agreement. Find out more.

Read the government’s announcement in full

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