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Joining the Law Society

As the professional body for solicitors in England and Wales, we’re here to support you at every stage of your career. 

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How to join

Before you can join the Law Society, you must apply to be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This register is known as the roll of solicitors in England and Wales and entitles you to practise as a solicitor.

Once you’re admitted to the roll, you’ll automatically become a member of the Law Society. We’ll send you a welcome pack which will include your member handbook and a letter from the Law Society president confirming your membership.

Admission to the roll of solicitors

To apply for admission, you must have:

Pre-admission screening

Eight weeks before the end of your training, the SRA will contact you to arrange pre-admission screening. This helps to assess your character and suitability to be a solicitor. It includes checks on:

  • your identity
  • your finance
  • whether you have a criminal record

Read the SRA’s information about pre-screening

Applying for admission

Also eight weeks before the end of your training, the SRA will send you an application form (form AD1) to apply for admission. You must complete this to be admitted to the roll of solicitors and receive your practising certificate.

There are two admission dates each month, usually the first and the fifteenth.

The SRA must receive your application form at least 28 days before the date on which you are expecting to be admitted.

Read the SRA’s information about routes to admission

Admissions ceremony

The admissions ceremony is a unique opportunity to celebrate entering the solicitor profession and to acknowledge friends and family who have supported you on the way.

Ceremonies take place at the Law Society in London. Places are limited so book early. To book, you’ll need to create an account on our events and training website.


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Our Junior Lawyers Division offers a range of services for students, trainees and newly qualified lawyers.

Lawyer Portal
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Access the Lawyer Portal for high quality information and guidance for aspiring lawyers, from application forms to training contracts.


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