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Membership of the Law Society

As the professional body for solicitors in England and Wales, the Law Society is here to support you at every stage of your training, qualifying and throughout your career as a solicitor. See more about the support provided.

When you qualify as a solicitor, you become a member of the Law Society and you will be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Find out more about Law Society membership

The Junior Lawyers Division offers a range of services for students, trainees and newly-qualified lawyers.

Admission to the roll of solicitors

After you have successfully completed the academic and vocational stages of training, you can apply to be registered with the SRA. This register is referred to as the roll of solicitors in England and Wales. Registration entitles you to practise as a solicitor and to become a member of the Law Society.

To apply for registration you must have:

  • satisfactorily completed your training
  • satisfactorily completed the professional skills course
  • obtained a satisfactory standard disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service.

You and your training principal must also certify that there are no circumstances that may affect your character and suitability to become a solicitor, such as criminal convictions.

Approximately 12 weeks before the completion of your period of recognised training, you will receive an application form and detailed guidance on how to apply for a standard disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service. It is important that you complete the application form according to the guidance given.

Approximately eight weeks before completion of your period of recognised training, you will receive an application for admission form. This form will allow you to apply:

  • for admission as a solicitor
  • to attend an admission ceremony
  • for your first practising certificate
  • for membership of the Law Society

There are two admission dates each month, usually the 1st and the 15th. Applications must be received at least 28 days before the date on which you would be expected to be admitted.

Admissions ceremonies

The Law Society will invite you to celebrate joining the solicitors' profession by attending an admission ceremony, although this is not mandatory. Ceremonies take place at the Law Society’s Hall in London.

Legal education and training

Our Committee for Education and Training consists of solicitors, legal services providers and other experts in legal education and training. The committee works to improve the education and training system for those seeking to become solicitors.

The Law Society promotes views on legal education and training, lobbies regulators and government on behalf of the profession and provides advice and guidance to the profession. The key views are that:

  • There should be no unnecessary barriers to entry to the profession and we would support multiple routes so long as the standard of entrants remains at the current high levels.
  • Entrants should have a wide breadth of knowledge, skills and experience, not just a narrow focus on one activity.
  • Entrants should undertake academic, vocational and experiential, work-based learning prior to entry, although this could be completed in a number of ways.
  • There should be a greater focus on ethics and management skills throughout the course of legal education and training, from the basics at the very start of the pathway chosen, through to more complicated nuances and specific problems throughout the scope of their career.
  • CPD activities should be planned and relevant to the solicitor's practice.
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