Dye & Durham

A global leader in legal tech, Dye & Durham’s solutions can help your law firm achieve more growth with less effort.

Dye & Durham’s Unity® Global Platform and its suite of applications empower Dye & Durham’s customers in the UK to reclaim precious fee-earner time by reducing administrative bottlenecks, streamlining their supplier management, and making their practice more efficient.

Dye & Durham have three categories of integrated solutions:

  • practice management
  • data insights & due diligence
  • client onboarding

These give solicitors the essential tools they need to run their firms, from client acquisition to case management and legal accounting, all from one place: Unity® Global Platform.

Practice management

Specifically designed for the UK legal practitioner, Dye & Durham’s practice management solutions are used and trusted by thousands of them today.

Dye & Durham combines legal accounts, case management, firm management and a range of seamless integrations to help UK legal professionals improve the efficiency of their day-to-day operations.

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Data insights and due diligence

Dye & Durham’s property and corporate due diligence solutions help law firms and their clients make quicker and more informed decisions by aggregating proprietary data and public records into valuable insights that add certainty and manage risk.

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Client onboarding

Dye & Durham enables solicitors to deliver a positive client experience from the start while maintaining compliance through its comprehensive client onboarding solution. It includes easy-to-use digital ID verification, KYC, and AML, integrated TA6 property forms, and automated client care packs.

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