Quill outsourced legal cashiering service for UK law firms

A market-leading, flexible and convenient solution to managing legal accounts.

Quill logoLosing valuable hours trying to stay on top of accounting?

Quill's outsourced legal cashiering is a flexible, friendly and scalable service that saves time and, more importantly, allows solicitors to focus on what matters most – fee-earning.

Quill's legal cashiers are rigorously trained to efficiently manage all the time-intensive data entry, compliant-centric reconciliations and accounting tasks (such as billing and monthly financial reporting).

This saves busy partners hours of frustration and minimises the risk of law firms making costly mistakes or being shut down.

Dedicated legal cashier

Professional, efficient and personable, law firms trust Quill's legal cashiers to take care of all their daily, weekly, monthly and annual regulatory and accounting compliance needs.

With a customer-focused approach, Quill legal cashiers develop a close, one-to-one relationship with each client, operating as a seamless extension of the law firm's staff.

What makes Quill different

All Quill legal cashiers are active members of the Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM), the professional body for those working in legal finance and legal practice management, including compliance officers for finance and administration (COFAs).

Quill's legal cashiers come with years of experience working within the legal sector and managing law firms' financial accounts in accordance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Accounts Rules.

Plus, once a practice is assigned a named legal cashier from within Quill's 50-strong team, this comes with a supervisor, escalation procedures and absence-cover arrangements to resolve any issue, however complex, and ensure business continuity.

How legal cashiers support small to medium (SME) law firms

As the largest outsourced legal cashiering bureau in the UK, Quill is fully equipped to support SME law firms that may be struggling with costs, recruitment, holiday cover, sickness absence or regulatory fears.

Quill lifts the heavy burden of recruiting, hiring, training, managing and developing a team member whilst ensuring stringent regulatory requirements are met.

How to get started with Quill's legal cashiering service

Get in touch for a free consultation with a member of Quill's friendly sales team.

A team member will take the time to understand:

  • how the current legal accounts are managed
  • the volume of transactions the law firm is producing
  • whether outsourced legal cashiering is the right option for the practice

Experienced support. Stress-free compliance. Complete transparency. Legal cashiering in safe hands with Quill.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest

Cashiering isn't the only outsourced legal service that Quill provides.

The company also offers expert payroll and type and transcription capabilities, as well as a brand new digital post room service.

Choose between any combination of these services to see how easy it is to avoid the payroll minefield, reduce administrative overheads or take that all-important step to finally going paperless.

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There's a reason smart law firms choose Quill

The trusted outsourced legal services supplier has a long pedigree of providing outstanding quality and support to its legal clients.

Complete peace of mind

“Having a supplier as professional as Quill providing feature-rich systems and allocating us an off-site cashier to manage our accounts brings peace of mind as we're able to work more efficiently, operate continuously and compliance with accounting rules is a given.”

Daniel Hewitt, managing director, JP Goldman Solicitors

Making the impossible, possible

“It's physically impossible for sole practitioners like me to cope utterly on their own.

“Where easily affordable support is available, it'd be very short sighted not to use it. I'd absolutely recommend Quill to other start-ups.

“Acknowledge your limitations in terms of time, expertise and money.

“Focus your attention on your strengths and be a lawyer. Let Quill do everything else.”

Martin Bridge, sole practitioner, Bridge & Co Solicitors

Keeping teams straight and narrow

“Quill's Pinpoint outsourced cashiering keeps our team on the straight and narrow.

“Now, we're saving money, time and office space whilst ensuring we can channel our efforts where it has the most impact – representing clients and running our business.

“We only wish we'd outsourced earlier.”

Sally Thompson, managing partner, Luqmani Thompson & Partners

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How else can Quill help you?

Quill regularly hosts a range of webinars and publishes a variety of useful guides designed to help you make the most out of your outsourced legal services.

What is legal cashiering?

What does a legal cashier do, why are they so in demand and does your law firm need one?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more in Quill's whistle-stop guide to legal cashiering.

The five steps to secure money transfers

In this exclusive webinar, Quill's lead cashier walks you through the tools they use to strengthen the money transfer chain through your client and office accounts.

Ready to make cashiering simple with Quill?

Contact them today at 0161 236 2910 or by emailing sales@quill.co.uk.

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