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SIFA Professional

Directory of professional financial advisers

SIFA Professional helps financial advisers build valuable relationships with solicitors and other legal professionals.

Search the SIFA directory to find a financial adviser who’s free from third-party influence and can provide conflict-free advice. All firms on the directory are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

You can search for firms by both their business specialism and location.

The benefits of working with a SIFA Professional member

In light of increasing competition, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is encouraging solicitors to help their practice stand out from the crowd by considering their clients’ professional needs and offering them access to financial advice.

“Problems do not fit into neat compartments, so we are seeing firms taking an increasingly holistic approach to problem solving. And many firms benefit from the expertise and specialism of financial advisors, solicitors, accountants and others.”

Crispin Passmore, SRA director of policy 2017

The new SRA Standards and Regulations have introduced a code of conduct for firms and with it an expectation for more centralised processes.

This is important to keep in mind when selecting third parties to refer to when legal work highlights the need for complementary financial advice.

After all, you need to be comfortable that the referral is in your client’s best interests.Sifa Pro Trusted Adviser

Members of SIFA Professional use the SIFA Trusted Adviser logo, so you can be sure you're working with fellow professionals.

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Search the SIFA directory to find a financial adviser.

“Choosing a safe pair of hands for clients' financial planning needs – what does good look like?” 

This webinar was held with our affiliate partner SIFA Professional on 5 May 2021.

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