• Human rights

    Latest advice and information for civil liberties and human rights practitioners.

  • Smile you're on camera - the pros and cons of facial recognition technology

    William McSweeney is the Law Society's technology and law policy adviser, working on the impact of key emerging technologies on the law.

    17 June 2019

    Thinking ahead? Only if you can still think

    Floyd  Porter is a Chartered Legal Executive, a salaried partner and joint head of the  mental health and capacity department at Miles & Partners. He shares his  thoughts on mental capacity issues. 

    8 May 2019

    Pride in your law firm, pride in yourself

    In many countries you can be punished by the state, persecuted and even killed just for being LGBT or celebrating LGBT identities. Trans people do not have access to life changing healthcare and are discriminated against under law.

    4 July 2017

    Article 50 is triggered and the Law Society gave evidence to Prisons and Courts Bill

    This week the House of Commons will begin its Easter recess and will return on Monday 18 April. The House of Lords will continue to sit with a number of motions on Brexit and evidence sessions on co-operation with the EU on criminal justice and security.

    3 April 2017

    Business and human rights

    Robert Bourns discusses modern slavery and how law firms can advise clients on human rights.

    8 August 2016

    Policing online content - who is responsible?

    It is just over 500 years ago that Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg.

    1 January 0001

    Solicitors and the fight against modern slavery

    It is two and a half years since the Modern Slavery Act came into force, and eighteen months since companies were required to publish a Section 54 (S54) modern slavery statement.

    1 January 0001

    Who wouldn't trade a little privacy for a lot of security?

    Olivier Roth discusses whether we have traded our privacy for technology and the role which government and private companies play in shaping this debate.

    1 January 0001
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