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Joint property and title fraud advice note

8 September 2017

What's the issue?

Recorded incidents of fraud are rising with fraudsters continuing to target the properties of both individuals and companies. 

These attacks often include the presentation of forged registration or identity documents as part of HM Land Registry applications. 

HM Land Registry and the Law Society wish to bring these matters to the attention of the public and raise awareness.

What's the purpose of this note?

This joint Law Society and HM Land Registry note provides a practical guide for solicitors on some of the indicators of potential fraud in land transactions and registration of title. 

It is intended as a reference point for the legal profession to be of assistance in recognising potential fraud, but not to set a regulatory framework. 

In view of the rapidly evolving nature of title fraud, it should be recognised that this note cannot cover all fraud scenarios and types of fraud threat affecting title to land.


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