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TA6 property information form: explanatory notes

30 May 2013

The Law Society has published explanatory notes to accompany the Law Society Property Information Form (TA6).

The notes provide background reference material for sellers and buyers when dealing with particular questions and answers in the TA6 form. They are not designed to be used in every transaction and they are intended to be reference material only.

While the aim of the TA6 form is that it can be used in the majority of cases without reference to any other material, some of the questions need to deal with legal concepts. In some cases the scope, rationale or meaning of the questions might benefit from some additional explanation.

These notes have been prepared to help sellers to understand the information that is being requested. In some cases, we have provided example answers. Occasionally buyers may also find the notes helpful.

If you are acting for buyers and/or sellers in conveyancing transactions you may find it useful to provide them with a link to the explanatory notes.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the notes, please send them to


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