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Ethical scenarios

Ethical EthelOur ethical scenarios guide you though the ethical issues solicitors might face in practice.


New: FamilyHuman RightsConfidentiality 
Headshot of XenaHeadshot of AnthonyHeadshot of Christopher
Xena has a Polish client whose young son has been seriously injured at home. She finds that taking instructions as to how the accident happened becomes increasingly complicated.
Completion time: 20 mins
A solicitor runs into problems attempting to get proper instructions in a Human Rights case with the client based in another continent.
Completion time: 20 mins
Christopher must consider his duties of confidentiality after signing a non-disclosure agreement in relation to an investment opportunity.
Completion time: 15 mins
Speaking up as a junior lawyerClient pressureChange of plea in a criminal law case
Headshot of HazelHeadshot of JonathonHeadshot of Sylvia
Hazel finds herself in difficulty when she discovers potential misconduct by her training principal and supervisor.
Completion time: 15 mins
Jonathan is put under pressure by a commercial client to change the firm's usual terms of engagement.
Completion time: 20 mins
In a criminal trial, Sylvia faces problems when her client wishes to change his guilty plea.
Completion time: 20 mins
Immigration Conflicts of interest 
Headshot of HannahHeadshot of Natasha 
Hannah is presented with an ethical dilemma when her client falls in love with a man who is living in the UK illegally.
Completion time: 20 mins
Natasha finds herself in a position of potential conflict. Can she represent two clients in the same matter?
Completion time: 15 mins

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