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Library search

  • The Law Society library search is an online tool to help you locate legal information. It gives free online access to the library catalogue and a wide variety of value added indexes.

    What does it give access to?

    As well as being able to search the library's holdings you can also search additional indexes. These are:

    Common queries database - provides answers to a range of questions. This unique source allows you to search across a wealth of legal information topics previously researched by the Law Society librarians. This includes details of sources for precedents covering a wide variety of subjects such as confidentiality agreements, share purchase agreements, leases for shops and many more. It provides answers to frequently asked questions and helpful suggestions on where to look for a wide variety of hard to find legal information. It also gives useful snippets of information such as the anatomy of an act or where to find the decisions of the traffic commissioners. The Law Society librarians regularly scan a huge range of sources to update and add to this resource.

    English cases - gives citations for cases which have been published in the English national newspapers and selected law reports. The index covers cases ranging from the early 1990s to date, with selected cases going back to 1975.

    Commencement orders index – an index for all Westminster Public, Local and Personal Acts covering England, Wales and Scotland; all Church of England Measures and all Scottish Acts of Parliament from 1974 to 2012. Each entry gives details of when each act was brought into force, and/or a list of all the commencement orders relating to that act.

    Biographies - gives biographical information on previous Law Society office holders and prominent solicitors.