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Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division

  • The Law Society is committed to promoting inclusion in the legal profession, reflecting the diversity of our society. We provide an opportunity for solicitors from black and minority ethnic backgrounds and their allies to have their voice for heard, allowing us to represent you effectively.

    What does the Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division do?

    The Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division (EMLD) supports and promotes solicitors and their allies through the provision of career-enhancing events, information and networking opportunities.

    We provide an opportunity for you to make your voice heard, comply with regulatory and compliance issues, run your practice and develop your career.

    The EMLD was developed to facilitate greater engagement between ethnic minority solicitors and the Law Society. The division encourages solicitors to use their experiences and expertise to support aspiring solicitors or colleagues seeking to progress in the legal sector.

    Why should I join?

    Make your voice heard by engaging with the Law Society on diversity matters. Membership of the EMLD is free, and is open to all solicitors and their allies.

    Members benefit from:

    • specialised events and training
    • networking opportunities
    • regular e-newsletters and updates
    • access to a community of ethnic minority lawyers
    • voting rights for division seats on the Law Society‚Äôs governing council

    Join the Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division

    To join the Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division, sign up to My Law Society and tick the Ethnic minority lawyers box in special interests. You will receive regular email updates and tailored content will appear on your My Law Society homepage.

    For more information email

    Find out about the EMLD committee

  • News from the Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division

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    Becoming a judge - free workshop for BAME solicitors

    The workshop for BAME solicitors planned for 25 April has been cancelled.

    10 March 2020

    Q&A with I. Stephanie Boyce

    We speak to I. Stephanie Boyce, deputy vice president of the Law Society, about her ambitions for a diverse, rewarding and vibrant profession.

    26 February 2020

    Big fish in a small pond - Taking the next step up

    In this podcast you will hear from two BAME Solicitors with over 15 years of practice between them and years of experience managing in small firms.

    13 January 2020

    Supporting and empowering BAME lawyers in 2019/20

    The Ethnic Minority Lawyers Divison aims to empower BAME lawyers to overcome structural, procedural and attitudinal barriers within the profession.

    8 January 2020

    Entity-based regulation

    This practice note sets out guidance and information on entity-based regulation.

    2 January 2020
    Practice note

    Use of interpreters in criminal cases

    This practice note advises practitioners on the use of interpreters pre-trial in the police station and in court.

    10 December 2019
    Practice note

    Conflicts of interests in criminal cases

    This practice note concerns the particular way in which criminal defence solicitors need to consider the avoidance of conflicts of interest when considering whether it is appropriate to act for more than one suspect or defendant.

    5 December 2019
    Practice note

    Conflict of interests

    This practice note sets out guidance on identifying and managing situations where a conflict of interest arises.

    2 December 2019
    Practice note

    Compliance officers

    This practice note explains who can be a compliance officer for legal practice (COLP) or a compliance officer for finance and administration (COFA). It also covers what these roles entail, and recording and reporting requirements.

    25 November 2019
    Practice notes

    Alternative business structures

    This practice note provides details on alternative business structures.

    22 November 2019
    Practice notes
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