Su Nandy

Co-founder/director of the Active Bystander Training Company

Su Nandy is a co-founder/director of the Active Bystander Training Company, which delivers multilingual training to clients globally in how to challenge inappropriate behaviour at work, in higher education and in school.

Su has over 25 years' experience working in HR and People management. During her career heading up the HR team for the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College, London, she was responsible for achieving a number of national awards in the area of diversity and inclusion. These include the Universities HR Award for Culture Change in 2018, Best for All Stages of Fatherhood Award - Working Families in 2017 and Top 30 Employers Award - Working Families in 2016.

She speaks at international conferences and seminars on creating a speak up culture and is regularly asked to contribute on judging panels for award schemes in HR and People management.