Equality, diversity and inclusion: a business case

As well as the moral case, there is a strong business case for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Benefits of equality, diversity and inclusion in your organisation are:

  • meeting regulations
  • profitability
  • improving your reputation and public relations
  • recruiting a larger variety of applicants
  • higher staff engagement and retention
  • reducing legal risks linked to workplace discrimination or harassment

Your organisation’s duties

Equality Act 2010

You must meet your duties under the Equality Act 2010 so that your organisation:

  • promotes equality in employment
  • is not taken to court or tribunal
  • does not allow discrimination, harassment or victimisation

SRA Standards and Regulations

You should also meet the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)’s equality and diversity requirements and expected outcomes set out in its guidance on its approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.

These are set out in:

View our guidance on the SRA Standards and Regulations


If your organisation has a reputation for equality and fairness, you’re more likely to attract a large variety of applicants. These applicants will have a wider range of skills and knowledge, increasing your chances of getting the best person for each role.

People who are looking for a job think diversity is important in the workplace. A Glassdoor study from 2014 found that 67% of people actively look for employers who value diversity.

The population of people looking for a career in law is becoming more diversified every year.

See the SRA’s data on diversity in the legal profession

Retaining staff

Valuing and supporting the diversity of your staff can improve engagement and productivity. It also means staff are more likely to stay in your organisation, which lowers recruitment costs.

If staff feel comfortable being themselves at work, they'll perform better and are more likely to stay in your organisation. For example, they may share opinions and ideas which can increase productivity.

Flexible working and home working can also help retain staff. Benefits include:

  • helping staff find a good work-life balance
  • supporting people with caring responsibilities
  • increasing productivity
  • reducing office costs


To make sure your organisation is relevant to clients from diverse backgrounds, you need to show that you support equality, diversity and inclusion.

When you pitch for new work, clients will be interested in what diversity initiatives you offer. It may impact who the client decides to partner with.