Your customers' expectations are changing: you should too

Andrew Cooke, general counsel at esports giant Fnatic, explains why service delivery in the modern age is a whole new ball game.

Young people sit at two rows of gaming computers - they wear headsets, the chairs have headrests and the room is lit by green neon light

Fnatic is the world’s leading esports (professional video gaming) performance brand. Our corporate footprint extends across 19 time zones.

We connect with tens of millions of social followers, and we are proud partners with megabrands like ASOS and BMW.

We sit at the intersection of elite sport and technology, at the peak of an industry which is by far the most consumed and revenue-generative form of entertainment: gaming.

As you would expect from a youth-oriented, digitally native brand, our colleagues are generally under 30.

Our youngest team members, and most of our esports pros and creators, fall into the ‘Gen Z’ bracket, born between 1997 and 2012.

As a cohort, this group experiences service delivery in a way which is fundamentally different to generations that grew up in a world without widespread use of the internet.

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