PM must stop attacking lawyers for upholding the rule of law

“The Bar Council and Law Society of England and Wales together call on the prime minister to stop attacks on legal professionals who are simply doing their jobs.” We’ve issued a joint statement condemning the prime minister’s assault on lawyers challenging the plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.
Plane on a runway behind bars

As the first flight attempting to take asylum seekers to Rwanda was grounded on Tuesday 14 June, the prime minister has suggested that lawyers bringing legal challenges are “abetting the work of criminal gangs”.

Together with the Bar Council, we believe the work lawyers do is essential for upholding the rule of law.

"Legal challenges ensure government is acting lawfully, following laws agreed by parliament.

“It is misleading and dangerous for the prime minister to suggest lawyers who bring such legal challenges are doing anything other than their job and upholding the law.

“Anyone at risk of a life-changing order has a right to challenge its legality with the assistance of a lawyer, who has a duty to advise their client on their rights."

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