Leasehold forms

Our leasehold forms make it easier for you to advise your clients because you'll receive property information in a standard format.
It's not mandatory to use these forms.

These forms are only available through third-party suppliers.

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Leasehold forms

LPE1 leasehold property enquiries form

The LPE1 form is for collecting information held by landlords and managing agents – for example, about ground rent, insurance and service charges.

The form was updated in January 2023.

The LPE1 form now contains process efficiency improvements and additional questions on:

  • who deals with the deed of covenant
  • contributions to the service charge
  • access to insurance
  • restrictions on keeping pets or parking
  • fire safety or external fire wall assessments
  • urgent fire safety works

Download an LPE1 form (PDF 628 KB)

Available from:

Advanced | Dye & Durham FormEvo | LEAP | LexisNexis Smart Forms | Shaw & Sons Ltd

LPE2 buyers leasehold information summary

This form contains important information about leasehold responsibilities. For example, the costs associated with:

  • purchasing a property
  • regular payments during ownership and additional planned payments

The LPE2 form was updated in November 2021. From 12 January 2022, only the updated version should be used.

The LPE2 form now contains process efficiency improvements and:

  • sets out the costs for the certificate of compliance
  • alerts buyers of new properties on newly built developments that maintenance costs may increase substantially once the site is complete

Download an LPE2 form (PDF 24 KB)

Available from:

Advanced | Dye & Durham | FormEvo | LEAP | LexisNexis Smart Forms | Shaw & Sons Ltd 

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