Ethical scenarios

Our interactive online courses are scenarios which guide you through ethical issues you might face in practice. You can complete them in under 20 minutes.

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Xena's Polish client has a young son who has been seriously injured at home. Xena suspects that her client may be hiding something. How should she deal with this situation, which is further complicated by problems with translation work?

Human rights

Anthony struggles to get proper instructions from a client who lives on another continent. Can he properly represent the client where the translator may be deliberately trying to mislead him?


Hannah's American client has fallen in love with a man who is living in the UK illegally. To what extent can Hannah continue to assist with her client's application to remain in the UK as a student?


Christopher must consider his duties of confidentiality after signing a non-disclosure agreement relating to an investment opportunity.

Speaking up as a trainee solicitor

Hazel discovers potential misconduct by her training principal and supervisor. How far must she go to meet her professional obligation to raise her concerns?

Client pressure

A commercial client is pressuring Jonathan to change his firm's usual terms of engagement. They then seem to want to involve him in an internal disciplinary matter. How far can he go in meeting the client's demands?

Change of plea in a criminal law case

Sylvia's client wants to change their guilty plea. Can she continue to represent them without misleading the court?

Conflicts of interest

Can Natasha represent the personal interests of a client while she's also acting for their company?