What are the benefits of smart meters for solicitors?

You may have heard that installing a smart meter can give your practice a boost, but how exactly? Smart Energy GB, a working with partner of the Law Society, details four key areas where smart meters can really make a difference.

More time to focus on your practice

With multiple contracts to read and clients to meet with, it’s no wonder time is so precious to solicitors.

That’s where smart meters come in: they can help your practice to save time.

An initial short installation can provide long term time-saving benefits.

For instance, with a smart meter you won’t have to be in the office to let someone in to read the meter, or rummage around in the back of a stationery cupboard to record and submit a reading.

The whole process is automated, giving you one less thing to worry about and more time to support your clients.


Getting a smart meter installed in your practice could give you transparency on your energy usage.

Depending on your supplier, you could get an in-home display (IHD) or an app which shows you how much energy your practice is using, in pounds and pence, every day, week and month.


Representing and defending your clients' legal interests, requires certainty. Certainty that you have the latest and most accurate legislation.

However, when it comes to energy usage, this is one of the expenses legal firms, like yours, are most likely to estimate.

A smart meter can put you back in control, meaning you can say goodbye to estimated energy bills.

Accurate energy bills cause less disruption to your cash flow forecasting, meaning you can be certain you know what you’ve got coming in and going out each month. Your accountant will be forever grateful.

Fear not, control doesn’t mean a loss of privacy. All this information is sent securely from your smart meter to your supplier without using the internet.

Protect the environment

Your practice isn’t the only beneficiary of a smart meter, as the benefits expand far beyond your office walls.

Smart meters can help Great Britain reach our net zero targets. To achieve net zero, we need to reduce the greenhouse gases we emit. This means using fewer fossil fuels to generate energy and replacing them with more renewable energy.

That’s where the smart energy system, enabled by smart meters comes in – helping us to make the most of renewable energy such as solar or wind.

But what is a smart energy system? It is an energy system that uses modern digital technology to understand when customers across Great Britain use energy, as well as how much they use.

Smart meter data can also enable the smart energy system to:

  • identify and respond to power outages quicker
  • better balance supply with demand, which can help reduce energy wastage
  • use more sources of renewable energy

By getting a smart meter in your practice, you’ll be playing a key part to make our energy system smarter.

Ready to make the switch?

The evidence in favour of a smart meter is stacking up.

It’s a small step, but a big win that can free up time for important work and improve your financial planning with accurate bills, all whilst playing your part to make our energy system more sustainable.

This article rules in favour of a smart meter for your practice.

Get a smart meter today!

Eligibility of smart meters and the in-home display may vary. Consumer action is required to obtain cost saving benefits.

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