Artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of work

In 2021, we asked experts to predict what the workplace will be like in 2050. The remarkable findings were published in a report called Future Worlds 2050.

Future Worlds 2050 project

Our Future Worlds 2050 project was set up to explore changes and uncertainties in the legal profession in England and Wales. We've focused on the next 30 years through the lens of global trade and competition.

A range of thought leaders from a broad cross-section of industries provided insight to help us create a plausible picture of possible future worlds.

From the 2030s, 2040s and 2050s, they used their expertise to focus on the role of the law. They also illustrated the opportunities and challenges for legal service providers in these different operating environments.

The legal workplace in 2050

We’ve been working with Nemorin Film & Video to bring our Future Worlds 2050 project to life and create a film which looks at the expectations and possibilities for our future.

The first film focused on the climate crisis.

This second film looks at the future of work to explore our changing working lives, measures of well-being and success.

It questions what will be done by technology in the future and what will be defined as ‘professional lawyering’. Will AI take our work away or will it give us superpowers of analysis?

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