Doing legal business in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and in South America. On the American continent it’s second only to the USA in population size and economic clout - ahead of both Canada and Mexico.

It’s ranked the ninth biggest economy in the world by GDP according to the World Bank in 2019.

With over 211 million inhabitants, it’s the seventh largest country by population and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world. 

Brazil emerged from a military dictatorship in 1985, creating a new constitutional, democratic, federal republic in 1988. Brasilia is the federal capital, while Sao Paulo is the country’s largest city.

Practising in Brazil

Lawyers from outside Brazil do not need to register their presence or intention to provide legal services for occasional fly-in fly-out services.

However, all foreign lawyers based in Brazil, and foreign law firms established in Brazil, are highly restricted in what they can do and in their relationships with local lawyers and law firms.

Provimento 91-2000 of the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (OAB) governs individual foreign law consultants and firms of foreign law consultants in Brazil.

Solicitors from England and Wales can register as a foreign law consultant and practice their home country and international law. However, they cannot appear in Brazilian court or advise on Brazilian law, nor can they partner with or employ local Brazilian lawyers.

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