Doing legal business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major international financial centre with a highly competitive legal services market.

A presence in Hong Kong is considered an essential part of the global coverage of most international law firms.

Practising in Hong Kong

Foreign lawyers and law firms are subject to the Foreign Lawyers Practice Rules and may practise the law of their home jurisdictions or that of a third country.

Only those who have been admitted as barristers or solicitors in Hong Kong may practise or give advice on Hong Kong law.

Anyone offering their services to the public as a practitioner of foreign law, other than a solicitor or barrister, must register with the Law Society of Hong Kong as a foreign lawyer.

To qualify for registration, a foreign lawyer must be a fit and proper person of good standing in the jurisdiction in which they qualified.

Foreign lawyers cannot employ or enter into partnerships with Hong Kong solicitors to practise Hong Kong law.

A registered foreign firm may enter into an association with a local firm and share premises, facilities and personnel, provided that the ratio of foreign to local lawyers is no greater than 1:1.

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