Our pro bono policy

Pro bono work makes an important contribution to society, helping many people, charities and communities who cannot afford to pay for legal help.

However, pro bono is not a substitute for a properly funded legal aid system. Lawyers who volunteer their time to do this work should not be taken for granted.


  • Use campaigns such as Pro Bono Week to improve public awareness of the social contribution pro bono work makes
  • Develop the capacity and strategic presence of pro bono work to improve access to justice in the UK and internationally
  • Support the diversity of pro bono opportunities, from clinics offering social welfare advice to engaging with foreign governments
  • Work with LawWorks, Citizens Advice and the Law Centres Network to provide a coordinated response to the LASPO Act 2012, cuts to legal advice funding, and to strengthen existing pro bono networks
  • Make sure all members of the profession can access pro bono opportunities

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