Digital futures

The time has come to shift our perception of digital technology and what it means for law firms and in-house departments in the legal sector.

Technology is no longer just an enabler, a means of getting things done faster, recording and accessing information in the business and contacting clients out-of-hours or across the globe.

The way firms choose to work with digital technology will be a major source of competitive advantage.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown has changed business as we know it and created conditions unprecedented for many as we navigate how to work remotely while retaining the data security measures and meeting clients’ changing and immediate needs.

The pandemic will pass but the imperative towards being tech-skilled and ready for the next global crisis will remain.

Never has there been a more urgent time to embrace what technology and digital futures might mean – for good or ill – for the legal sector.

This horizon scanning report explores some of the themes, opportunities and challenges arising from the future of digital business.

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