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Future Worlds 2050 project

Our Future Worlds 2050 project was set up to explore changes and uncertainties in the legal profession in England and Wales over the next 30 years, through the lens of global trade and competition.

The project will be a mix of quantitative and qualitative research to build a plausible picture of the world in 2050.

Findings will be reported granularly to include perceptions of the world in 2020 to 2030, 2030 to 2040 and 2040 to 2050.

The project aims to assist organisations to make best use of strategic planning and resources and deliver competitive services, by providing a critical context to how executives think about what the future means ‘for us and our plans’.

Future Worlds 2050: images of the future worlds facing the legal profession 2020-2030

Iages of the future worlds facing the legal profession 2020-2030 report coverThis first report focuses on the emerging themes that look likely to dominate and affect the law, the legal profession and society in 2020 to 2030.

It covers:

  • geopolitical dynamics
  • artificial intelligence and emerging technologies
  • data, ethics and trust
  • our changing environment

Read the first report


Inside the Futures Studio podcasts

Inside the Futures Studio is a podcast miniseries about possible futures and the way we can respond, react or adapt to them.

Join Dr Tara Chittenden, foresight manager at the Law Society, and Victoria Ward and Dr Wendy Schultz from Jigsaw Foresight as they host conversations with interesting people practising ‘futures thinking’ in different sectors.

They bring their insights to bear on futures thinking in the legal profession and share how they use futures tools in their own profession.

Listen to the series

Foresight tool talks

Verge framework

How do we define things? How do we relate to one another? How do we connect to each other?

Watch our video about Verge framework to find out more about this tool and how to use it:

Causal layered analysis

Casual layered analysis (CLA) is a tool that can be used to imagine possible or preferred futures.

Watch our video on CLA to find out more:

Reading corner

Futures wheels (PDF 918 KB) – Dr Wendy Schultz

Cultural futures: the future cultures of financial services institutions (PDF 1 MB) – Victoria Ward

Seeing in multiple horizons: connecting futures to strategy (PDF 237 KB) – Andrew Curry and Anthony Hodgson

Causal layered analysis: a four-level approach to alternative futures – Futuribles

Turn and face the strange: changes impacting the future of employment in Canada – Brookfield Institute

Foresight workshop flyovers

The future of work (part one)

In April 2021, we held a foresight workshop on the future of work that looked at where the law and legal profession might sit in that future. We modelled possible futures in the world of work and their potential impacts.

Watch the video for a flyover of the ideas generated in the session:

The future of work (part two)

In June 2021, we held the second half of our workshop on the future of work.

We took an 'inside out' look at the world of work and applied the Verge framework to consider the future of the legal profession.

Watch the flyover video to find out more:

The future of membership organisations

In June 2021, we held a second workshop that looked at the underlying metaphors and icons that function to shape the structures and values of membership organisations.

We used CLA to explore the underlying causes and worldviews contributing to a membership situation.

Watch the flyover video to find out more:

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