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Promoting the profession

  • On behalf of the profession, we work to promote our members both at home and abroad.

    We raise the profile of the profession through our 'Solicitors. Here to help' campaign, positioning solicitors as the expert source of legal advice.

    We help you build your business through our online Find a Solicitor directory, with over 600,000 visits to the website each month generating roughly 49,000 enquiries to firms, and nearly 7,000 consumer calls to the helpline.

    We support and promote your pro bono and corporate activities, enabling you to take pride in the work that you do. And we celebrate the best in the profession through our annual Excellence Awards.

  • Campaigns

    The Law Society campaigns on behalf of the profession on topics of importance within the legal sector.

    Excellence Awards

    Our annual Excellence Awards bring the profession together to celebrate solicitors' achievements and acknowledge exceptional firms, teams and individuals across England and Wales.

    Find a Solicitor

    The official database in England and Wales, Find a Solicitor (FAS) is a free service that provides information about SRA regulated organisations or people providing legal services in England and Wales.

    International support

    We support you and your practice to explore international opportunities and extend your influence across the globe.

    Pro bono

    We actively support and facilitate your involvement in pro bono initiatives.

    Regional support

    Building and maintaining relationships with our members across England and Wales is a vital part of our work.

    The City

    We work on behalf of legal professionals in the City to influence the business environment, the law and the legal market place.

  • The Law Society provides solicitors with access to a range of resources and is very good at protecting the solicitor brand. It helps to champion the cause of solicitors and protects their reputations as trusted legal professionals. The Society is very good at spotting and mitigating against threats that come up against the profession.

    Mena Ruparel Consultant Solicitor, Self-Employed