Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu Award for Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity Access Scheme is pleased to partner with Kingsley Napley for the Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu Award for Diversity and Inclusion.
Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu

Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu was Kingsley Napley’s (KN) first ever specialist, non-contentious construction lawyer. During her time at KN, Brandusa developed KN’s construction practice from scratch to become a successful and respected team in the industry.

Brandusa was diagnosed with melanoma in 2019 and dealt with all that followed with incredible bravery and stoicism. Sadly, Brandusa passed away in December 2020.

Brandusa was dedicated to progressing responsible business at KN. Brandusa was a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, working tirelessly to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion issues, and spearheading many of the changes and breakthroughs KN made in this sphere.

We hope that the annual Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu Award for Diversity and Inclusion, inaugurated whilst Brandusa was still alive, will help to advance able and determined aspiring solicitors from less advantaged backgrounds. Brandusa was very happy that this will be done in her name.

KN will be providing funding, work experience and mentoring for the successful applicant, supported and administered by the Diversity Access Scheme.

In memory of Brandusa, our clever, wise, funny, beautiful, lovely and loving friend and colleague, beloved wife, mum, daughter and sister.

Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu

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