England and Wales: Global legal centre

We’re promoting the benefits of England and Wales as a global centre for legal services.

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England and Wales is a global legal centre as:

  • English and Welsh law is flexible, predictable and stable
  • we have a strong and reliable judicial system
  • we have a world-class legal profession
  • England and Wales is the jurisdiction of choice for many international deals

Why choose England and Wales?

In December 2019, we launched a report, England and Wales: A World Jurisdiction of Choice, that outlines the strengths of the law, jurisdiction, and legal professionals of England and Wales, as well as London’s advantages as a seat of arbitration.

It features:

  • information and case studies on commercial litigation conducted in England and Wales by international businesses
  • testimonials from lawyers qualified in other jurisdictions
  • explanation of how England and Wales’ status as a global legal centre will not be affected by Brexit

This report sets out the benefits of English law, the jurisdiction, and legal services provided by our members.

We share this report with international businesses interested in using English law and we encourage solicitors to share it with their clients.

Download the report

England and Wales: A World Jurisdiction of Choice:

Get involved

Beyond the England and Wales: A World Jurisdiction of Choice report, we’ve developed a range of materials to help you highlight the benefits of English and Welsh law to your clients.

You can:

England and Wales during COVID-19: keeping the wheels of justice turning

Business and property courts in England and Wales remain open.

Our expert judiciary and litigation solicitors have adapted to keep the wheels of justice turning.

Due to their nature, 85% of national and international business disputes are being concluded remotely using technology.

English and Welsh law continues to provide businesses with the flexibility, predictability and stability necessary to meet their needs.

English and Welsh solicitors are ready to help keep your business moving in these challenging times.

Read more about how courts in England and Wales and arbitration centres in London have kept businesses moving


English Law, UK Courts and UK Legal Services after Brexit (PDF 320 KB) – Courts and Tribunals Judiciary guidance on the position of UK courts and legal services post-Brexit

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