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How the SQE will be run

Assessment provider

The sole assessment provider for the SQE, appointed by the SRA, is Kaplan. Kaplan will only offer the assessments and will not be able to offer training for the assessments.

Kaplan has partnered with Pearson VUE test centres, to provide assessment centres for written and computer-based assessments. There will also be a smaller number of centres for oral skills assessments.

There will be a network of assessment centres in England and Wales, as well as internationally, for both SQE1 and the written assessments of SQE2. The oral assessments for SQE2 will initially be available only in England and Wales in a more limited capacity, which will be reviewed periodically.

The SQE assessment website is now live

Visit the assessment website now


When the SQE is introduced in September 2021 there will initially be two sittings of each exam (SQE1 or SQE2) per year, one in the autumn and one in the spring. The number of sittings is expected to increase as demand increases.

The SRA has provided further details of the planned dates for assessments in 2021/ 22.

Order of assessments

A candidate must pass SQE1 in its entirety before they can take SQE2.


Results will be sent to candidates, and data will be given to organisations so they can put individual results into context.

The SRA has indicated that SQE1 results will be published six weeks after the assessment is completed, and SQE2 results are expected 14 weeks after the assessment is completed.


Resits will be available. Candidates will be allowed three attempts at an assessment within a six-year period. If a candidate cannot pass both stages of assessment within this period, they will lose any progress made and must begin again.


How the SQE will operate – this SRA page shares information to help stakeholders understand how the SQE will operate, including key policies and procedures as well as practical information about the assessment logistics.

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