Our brand guidelines

Explore best practice on how to use the Law Society’s brand features including logos, colours, fonts, and images.

Some parts of our brand features are protected by law.

Our brand team is responsible for making sure staff and others use our brand features correctly.

Any Law Society branding cannot be altered in any way unless agreed and approved by the brand team.

Our master logo should never be used by any third-party organisations. We don’t allow anyone to use this logo under any circumstances and we instruct our legal team to send cease and desist notices or take action when we see it being used.

We have specific logos which have been designed for use by our partners and sponsors when they are working with us. Our partner and sponsor agreements give these third parties permission to use these logos in agreed circumstances. The appropriate partner logos will be provided as partners are appointed.

Anyone else wanting to use to our logos or other brand features needs permission from the brand team.

Contact the brand team brand@lawsociety.org.uk should you have any requests to use Law Society logos or branding.

Download the full guidelines

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