South Asian Heritage Month looks to storytelling for inspiration

The Law Society of England and Wales encourages solicitors to share their stories during South Asian Heritage Month, as we celebrate the richness and diversity of our South Asian culture.

Law Society president Lubna Shuja said: “South Asian Heritage Month does so much to raise awareness of the richness of South Asia’s history and culture. It also recognises the diverse experiences and valuable contributions of South Asian communities in this country.

“I made history nine months ago when I became the first Asian and first Muslim president of the Law Society. I have been telling my story to help those who are thinking of entering the law and to encourage other solicitors to tell their stories too. It is so important to welcome new voices, new stories and varied experiences into our profession.”

The Law Society’s annual statistics report 2021 found that 18% of solicitors with practising certificates (PC) are from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. 12% are Asian or Asian British solicitors.

Lubna Shuja concluded: “Building a more inclusive profession can be achieved by having an interest in, and an awareness of, diverse experiences and perspectives.

“This should be the basis for collaboration. It should also help build the collective effort that is needed to improve racial equity and inclusion across the legal sector and wider society.

“I hope in marking South Asian Heritage Month, we will encourage the profession to take time to learn a little more about heritage and culture, and to celebrate the important contribution of South Asian solicitors.

“I very much look forward to celebrating South Asian Heritage Month. The Law Society will be sharing stories from South Asian colleagues throughout that month.”

Notes to editors

South Asian Heritage Month began in 2018. It seeks to commemorate, mark and celebrate South Asian cultures, histories, and communities. It takes place between 18 July to 17 August.

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