Sponsoring the Law Society gives your company unprecedented access to a target audience of over 160,000 solicitors and legal practitioners in England and Wales.

We use our channels to maximise your company’s exposure to a carefully selected target audience, based on your products or services.

Using our vast array of newsletters, magazines and various advertising and content channels, we’ll make your campaign a success, no matter your budget.

Whether you’re sponsoring a single event, a conference or a whole community*, we’ll tailor our services so that you can get maximum brand recognition and engagement out of your investment.

About our audience

Email our sponsorship team to find out how we can help you reach the legal market.

Choose your audience from a vast range of practitioners, categorised by practice areas and career interests.

Our offering

12,000 risk and compliance professionals across the legal industry need help with:

  • anti-money laundering and financial crime
  • business continuity and exit strategies
  • client care and complaints handling
  • cybersecurity and data protection
  • ethics and professional conduct
  • price and service transparency
  • SRA Handbook compliance

If your company can provide a competitive solution to any of those – sponsoring the Risk and Compliance Service is the best way of showcasing your products and services to this target audience.

Our risk and compliance audience

Our channels

Risk and Compliance Service website:

  • 6,100 sessions
  • 4,200 unique users

Law Society Gazette magazine and website:

  • 81,178 weekly abc print circulation
  • 1.7 million online impressions
  • 356,000 monthly unique views


  • Risk and Compliance Update – 1,200 monthly recipients
  • Professional Update – 170,000 weekly recipients
  • Cybersecurity – 1,800 weekly recipients
  • City Update – 25,000 monthly recipients
  • Events – 9,500 monthly recipients

Social media:

  • @TheLawSociety – 104,000 followers
  • @LSRiskandComp – 1,650 followers


  • leaflets to local law societies
  • promotion in risk-related marketing emails
  • promotion in related marketing emails

Email our sponsorship team for more information on risk and compliance opportunities.

*Communities consist of Divisions and Sections. Divisions are free member support services, based on members’ demographic or practice type (women lawyers, junior lawyers, small firms). Sections are subscription-based services, based on members’ area of practice (private client, property, law management).

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