Legal aid deserts

In large areas of England and Wales, people cannot access legal aid advice for housing or community care. Our legal aid deserts campaign raises awareness of the negative impact caused by reductions in legal aid funding.

Barrier on disused road through empty field in Dungeness, England

Legal aid deserts mean that people on low incomes facing important legal issues are struggling to get the local face-to-face advice they're legally entitled to.

In September 2021, we published five heat maps showing the shortage of providers across the country for:

This follows on from the publication in 2020 and 2019 of maps which showed shortages in community care and housing law.

We’ve also been working on a review on the sustainability of the civil legal aid system.

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Our campaign

We’re urgently calling on the government to:

  • independently review the sustainability of the legal aid system
  • make sure every area in England and Wales has an acceptable number of legal aid providers

Get involved

If you’re a legal professional, we’d like you to share examples of the damage that legal aid deserts have caused in your local area.

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