Building financial resilience and sustainable practice

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This online event will discuss the strategies for legal professionals during an economic downturn. There is an opportunity to make great gains when navigating potentially challenging economic conditions, especially if you have strong direction.

Leadership and Management Section members can attend this online event free of charge.

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The discussion will be split into two parts to include:

1. Understanding your business operating model and market.

Our panel will discuss the importance of understanding your practice, the core areas of business and clientele, and who you are competing against in the market. This will help to understand if you are aligned to the best operating model and if it is fit for purpose for the areas of business you operate in. If you aren’t stable, or don’t know where you’re going, you simply won’t be able to grow. Speakers will discuss how vulnerable the client base will be in a recession and explore financial health checks for law firms.

2. Looking to the future: Staying sustainable and growing your business in a recession. 

Our panel will discuss the importance of stepping back and future-proofing your business, they will address the following questions:

  • Have you invested in key people within your firm?
  • Have you thought about succession planning, merging, or selling and downsizing?
  • How to optimise your limited budget and spend, through streamlining processes, reducing costs, and increasing efficiencies? IV. What are you doing about your personal resilience if you are in a leadership role?
  • What other problems could you face in the future?

Hear first-hand experiences of how successful practices have been built, and the lessons learned from what went wrong.