The supply chain cyber threat to law firms and the wider industry

This online event will look at the potential implications to SME firms and the legal industry in the event of another wide-ranging cyber supply-chain incident taking place.

The booking page will close on 19 April 2024

The CTS cyber incident highlighted the cyber risk to law firms. This is one example of criminals exploiting firms’ growing reliance on ICT services provided by third-party vendors, targeting them as potential gateways to infiltrate firms’ networks, then stealing money or sensitive information

Firms should be reviewing their cybersecurity arrangements to reduce the risk of becoming victim to a similar attack. Join this event to find out the impact on insurers and possible considerations of what could be done to help mitigate similar attacks. Our panellists will delve into cybersecurity, shedding light on lesser-known methods employed by cybercriminals and addressing crucial risk factors in today's digital landscape.

The speakers will also cover the human elements affecting cybersecurity, including the impact of distraction, fatigue, and mental health on susceptibility to attacks, as well as the pivotal role training can have in preventing 80% of avoidable cyber-attacks.