Help with learning

Law Society Learning helps you to gain the skills and knowledge you need to develop your career. Get help with how to use this service by checking out the frequently asked questions below.

Accessing your learning

I'm taken to the homepage when I try to access my learning

Your session may have timed out. Try logging out and back in again.

How do I download my certificate?

Once you've achieved the completion criteria for your learning, the certificate will become available on your course page and in the 'certificates' tab within 'MyLearning'.

Screenshot of Law Society Learning MyLearning dashboard

If you select 'certificates', you'll be able to view your list of certificates.

You can download a certificate by clicking 'more info' then 'download'.

Screenshot of Law Society Learning certificates

I've enrolled for an exam. What happens next?

If you've enrolled onto a live exam, our accreditations team will email you joining instructions and any pre-exam materials one week before the exam.

If you have any questions about the exam, email

I can't find an item I purchased

If you made the order yourself, you may have accidentally selected 'buy for a colleague' during purchase.

Check your order history and select 'enrol colleagues' to assign the item(s) to your own account.

See our guide on how to use the 'enrol colleagues' function (PDF 336 KB).

Screenshot of Law Society Learning 'enrol colleagues' button

How do I access training course notes?

For the best learning experience, we recommend completing your training online using the Law Society Learning platform.

You will be able to revisit each training module online after they have been completed and this will not affect your course grade.

If you require transcripts for accessibility reasons, see below.

How does the multi-pass work?

After your order has been completed, you will receive an email containing your multi-pass code, which you can distribute to your colleagues.

If you do not receive this email, contact us and quote your order number.

Enrolling colleagues

How do I enrol colleagues?

Download our guide on enrolling colleagues (PDF 336 KB)

I can't find a colleague on my firm's list of names

The enrolment form lists the names of solicitors who are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as working at your firm.

If you need to enrol someone who is not on this list, click the 'add colleague' button.

Screenshot of the 'find a colleague' list

Once you have added the name and email address of the colleague you wish to enrol, their name will appear on the enrolee list on the right of the page.

Screenshot of the enrolment screen

If any names in your firm's list appear to be incorrect, contact the SRA to get these updated.

Do I need to enrol everyone at the same time?

You can enrol your colleagues in stages.

To enrol more colleagues, return to your order history and select 'enrol colleagues' again to allocate your remaining seats.

What will colleagues receive after I enrol them?

Your colleagues will receive an automated notification email with instructions on how to start their learning.

To access their items, they will need a Law Society Learning account linked to that email address.

I enrolled the wrong colleague

You can remove colleagues from your list before you select the 'enrol' button.

If you've already completed the enrolment, contact us and provide the:

  • order number
  • name and email address of the colleague you wish to be removed

I want to enrol a colleague but my firm isn't regulated by the SRA

We will need to enrol your colleagues on your behalf.

Contact us and provide the:

  • order number
  • name and email address of the colleague you wish to enrol

Make sure all your colleagues are registered at Law Society Learning first.

Purchase information

Where do I find my order history?

Log into Law Society Learning and select the three dots in the top right corner next to the basket icon.

Screenshot of the Law Society Learning basket and menu

The order history option will appear in the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of Law Society Learning order history menu

I need a VAT invoice

Your VAT invoice will be sent to you within three working days of purchase.

If you have not received your invoice within this timeframe, check your spam filter.

If you require a copy or any amendments to be made to an invoice, you can request these using our contact us form, quoting your order number and any changes required.

I chose to pay by BACS. When can I access my order?

You will receive an automated email after you place your order with details on how to make payment.

Your training will be released after we've received and allocated your payment. Allow up to 10 working days for payments to be allocated.

To avoid delays in allocating, quote the order number and/or invoice number when making a payment.


I have accessibility requirements

All our online courses are Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) compliant and have been designed to be compatible with screen readers.

If you require course transcripts, complete the contact us form with your request.

Webinars and virtual classroom sessions are delivered through Microsoft Teams, which has built-in closed captioning.

Our video content will also contain captions.

If you're sitting an exam and require reasonable adjustments, email

CPD diary

How do I access the CPD diary?

Log into Law Society Learning and select the 'CPD diary' tab.

Why can't I see the CPD diary?

The CPD diary is a benefit for Law Society members.

If you cannot see the 'CPD diary' tab in your My LS account, this indicates your account isn't linked to a membership.

Review your My LS account and make sure it's connected to the email address linked with your mySRA account.

How do I record my CPD activities and reflections?

Activities completed on Law Society Learning will show automatically in your CPD diary.

Follow these steps to add reflections or manually record other activities:

  • select the 'Add activity' button and fill in the details of your activity, such as the title, date, type, description and learning outcomes
  • select the 'Add reflection' button and write a reflective note about your activity, such as what you learned, how it improved your practice, what challenges you faced and what actions you will take next
  • select the 'Save' button to save your activity and reflection

How do I record good reflections?

Consistent reflection is a critical part of being a successful lifelong learner.

It shows that practitioners are committed to self-monitoring and assessing how experiences interact with more formal learning to produce informed and compliant practitioners.

Ongoing reflective practice demonstrates how knowledge changes across a career.

It can also help individuals demonstrate how they have incorporated these changes into their practice.

Think of it as an ongoing conversation with yourself where you think about:

  • how things have gone
  • what new things you have learnt, and
  • how you'll use this new knowledge to inform your professional development in future

For useful tips, see the SRA's reflect and identify information.

How do I view my CPD activities and reflections?

To view your CPD activities and reflections in your CPD diary:

  • select the 'View' button to see a list of all your activities and reflections in the CPD diary
  • filter and sort your activities and reflections by criteria, such as date, type or category
  • select any activity or reflection to view its details and add further reflections

You can also delete any activity or reflection you no longer want to keep.

How do I generate, share and print reports?

To generate, share and print reports from the CPD diary, select the 'Export' button and the type of export you need.

You can choose either Excel or PDF format to export your report.

For filtered reports, apply the filters you would like to view first, then select the 'Export' button and the type of export you require.

You can download each individual activity if you require more information about each piece of evidence.

To share your CPD activities, you will need to download the report first and then share it with the person you wish to.

Why does the Law Society use 'CPD' when the SRA uses 'continuing competence'?

As the professional body for solicitors, we provide members with a way to capture, reflect on and play their continuing professional development (CPD).

This is not limited to Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requirements only.

Solicitors can use the CPD diary for the purpose of SRA continuing competence and practising certificate renewals, as well as for individual learning and development.

Whether mandated or not, CPD is considered best practice within any professional services space.

Stay competitive and compliant at each stage of your career by logging your learning and development activity with your CPD diary.

The SRA's guidance about what activities can be used for continuing competence puts it in the hands of individual practitioners.

Its FAQs about continuing competence state: "you decide which activities will help you to deliver a proper standard of service".

Why has the Law Society released a CPD diary now?

Members have told us they're worried about complying with regulation, staying up to date with changes to practice and demonstrating continuing competence to employers, clients and peers.

The CPD diary will support our members to do this.

Although recording CPD is not currently a formal requirement for solicitors, it is possible it will become mandatory in future.

By anticipating changes to CPD requirements, we're able to stay up to date for our members and demonstrate responsiveness to solicitors' needs.

Ornate curved staircase leading to Law Society Library in 113 Chancery Lane: stained glass window and gold-framed portraits with central marble pillar
Ornate curved staircase leading to Law Society Library in 113 Chancery Lane: stained glass window and gold-framed portraits with central marble pillar