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Award winning cloud-based legal practice and client relationship management software.

The #1 legal software for clients, cases, billing, payments and more. Helping thousands of solicitors across the UK to build and grow their practices.


As one of the leading providers of legal software globally, Clio is trusted by over 150,000 legal professionals and works in partnership with over 90 law societies and bar associations worldwide.

With award-winning 24/5 customer service, flexible contracts starting from just £49 per user per month, and 100+ software integrations, Clio empowers solo, small and mid-sized UK law firms to work more efficiently from anywhere.

Clio has earned a coveted spot on G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards, securing a place among the top 100 global software companies.

Clio is on a mission to transform the legal experience for all. Our end-to-end, cloud-based legal software enables solicitors and other legal professionals to work more efficiently and manage their firms from anywhere and from any device.

Clio’s efficiency-boosting solutions (Clio Manage and Clio Grow) have been designed to meet your firm’s every need – no matter your sector, size or location. Whether you practise corporate law, family law, conveyancing, legal aid or any other practice area, Clio will give you the tools you need.

Clio Manage helps you run your firm, organise cases and collaborate with clients seamlessly. With advanced document management and next-level automation, Clio Manage boosts law firm productivity and performance.

See how many billable hours have been captured, billed and collected, or dig into your utilisation, realisation and collection rates with your law firm performance dashboard.

Clio Grow, meanwhile, simplifies your client intake process. Increase efficiency with a client onboarding process that works for both your firm and your clients. With Clio Grow, you can also take advantage of a free law firm website builder that will help you build a simple website in three easy steps.

Why UK law firms use Clio

Clio offers a range of features to empower law firms in the UK, including:

  • case and matter management
  • client onboarding and client relationship management (CRM)
  • scheduling and calendaring
  • time recording
  • document management and e-signatures
  • task and workflow automation
  • billing and invoice generation
  • online payments
  • legal aid billing and matter management for England and Wales

Clio also helps UK firms to remain GDPR and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)-compliant. Clio’s legal software is built with security in mind and provides the tools and customer support to help law firms meet their responsibilities as data controllers.

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What UK solicitors have to say about Clio

Arun Chauhan, Tenet LawA black and white photo on a blue background, of an Asian man, smiling, wearing a black jacket and white shirt.

Tenet Law, a Birmingham-based law firm specialising in criminal law and litigation, prioritises exceptional client experiences. By leveraging Clio's tools and data, Tenet Law streamlines workflows and makes informed decisions. Clio's user-friendly system enables flexible work and provides a complete financial view of the firm. This, coupled with the ability to work from anywhere, has contributed to Tenet Law's steady growth and seven-figure financial success.

Watch and learn how Tenet Law became a 7-figure firm.

Éamon Chawke, BriffaA black and white photo on a green background of a white man, wearing glasses and a black shirt and smiling.

Briffa, a tech-savvy mid-sized law firm specialising in intellectual property law, achieved significant growth by partnering with Clio. With Clio's cloud-based software, streamlined workflows, and useful reporting, Briffa enhanced efficiency, provided affordable legal services, and positioned itself as a tech-forward firm ready to adapt and grow.

Learn how Briffa achieved greater efficiency with Clio.

Sana Saddique, Collective Law SolicitorsA black and white photo on a blue background of an Asian woman wearing a head scarf and glasses. She is smiling with her mouth closed.

Collective Law, a solo family law firm, achieved increased efficiency and improved client management by switching from Leap to Clio. With Clio's seamless transition, streamlined workflows, and responsive customer service, Collective Law saved time on administrative tasks and enhanced its overall operations. Clio became an essential tool for providing exceptional legal services.

Learn how choosing Clio led to huge growth for Collective Law.

At Clio, your success comes first

At Clio, we put our customers’ success at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the following to UK solicitors at no additional cost:

  • free seven-day trials and product demonstrations
  • data migration support
  • unlimited 24/5 access to award-winning customer support and training
  • access to 100+ software integrations
  • faster end-of-month legal aid billing for the Legal Aid Agency's contracted work and administration (CWA) portal
  • contracts that work for you, including month-to-month and annual pricing that starts at just £49 per user per month

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