How to become a Law Society partner

We work in partnership with a selection of commercial organisations to extend the range of benefits available to our membership. These are specifically tailored to the legal sector and may be relevant to aspects of their business, personal or professional life.

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Would access to the 150,000 membership of the Law Society enable you to extend the reach and breadth of your business? Would you like to see your business alongside a trusted brand in the legal sector?

Becoming a partner with the Law Society may be the ideal solution for you.

Find out how to become a Law Society partner:

Benefits of becoming a Law Society partner

Working with us can help you achieve your corporate goals across the legal sector by:

  • enabling unrivalled market access and reach to all qualified practising lawyers in England and Wales
  • granting licensed access to a Law Society logo and tagline, to directly support your marketing and sales programmes
  • building awareness of your brand and product with our members
  • helping you to engage with our members through our range of digital, social, print and face to face channels
  • helping you reach different segments of our membership, based on factors such as practice size, areas of practice, operation / workflows, and technology platforms used
  • opportunities to meet our membership and showcase your products and services at seminars and events

How partners are chosen

We have three different types of partnerships:

  • professional legal services – specialist services to help develop our members' practice, such as legal training and resources
  • business services – services and expertise to help our members' firms run more efficiently, such as financial services and insurance
  • personal services – services that appeal to the lifestyles and interests of our members across areas such as travel, motoring, and telecommunications.

We jointly build a package of activity which is delivered in association with our dedicated partnerships marketing team.

A partnership runs for at least one year, for an agreed licence fee. Results-based commission is also payable under some partnerships.

If you would like to discuss how your organisation could become a partner, contact us by email at, or call us on 020 8049 4000.

How partners are assessed

Our assessment process is quick and easy, designed to make the most of the relationships for you, our members and the Law Society.

We assess prospective partners on a case-by-case basis. We check your offering meets our members' needs and ask you to complete a due diligence application form.

The form does not evaluate the functionality, features or suitability of the product or service, but enables us to evaluate the business. It considers:

  • financial history
  • previous experience of supplying to the legal sector and client references
  • management of quality via policies and procedures, as well as attainment of recognised standards certificates from trade bodies and business continuity management
  • organisational culture and processes, including corporate social responsibility, equality and diversity, anti-bribery, cybersecurity, data assurance and GDPR compliance

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