Become a Law Society commercial partner

The Law Society partnership programme aims to help commercial organisations engage with over 180,000 practising solicitors. We can help you raise awareness and extend the breadth of your business, whilst providing members with products and solutions.
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Benefits of becoming a Law Society partner

We are the professional body for solicitors in England and Wales. Our vision is to promote, protect and support solicitors, the rule of law and justice in England and Wales.

Working with us can help you achieve your corporate goals across the legal sector by:

  • enabling unrivalled market access and reach to qualified practising solicitors in England and Wales
  • granting licensed access to a Law Society partner logo and tagline, to directly support your marketing and sales programme to solicitors
  • building awareness and engagement with your brand and product with legal professionals through our range of digital, print and face-to-face channels
  • helping you reach targeted segments of our membership, such as firm size and area of practice
  • opportunities to meet our membership and showcase your products and services at conferences and events
  • having a dedicated account manager and marketing lead to help with day-to-day service and provide guidance

All partnerships run for a minimum 12-month term.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to be a partner?

We have three tiers of partnerships based on your investment, giving you different levels of access to our members:

  • strategic
  • affiliate
  • working with

Can any company become a Law Society partner?

Our assessment process is designed to begin the partnership as soon as possible for you, our members and the Law Society.

We start the partnership process by evaluating whether the partner and their solution will meet a member need.

Once this decision has been made, we run due diligence and an audit on each organisation before they become a Law Society partner.

Each prospective partner is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Our process does not specifically evaluate the functionality or features of the partner’s product or service; this is not our area of expertise.

Our due diligence process is to evaluate the business by considering:

  • financial history
  • previous experience of supplying to the legal sector
  • client references
  • a partner’s policies, procedures and business continuity management
  • organisational culture and processes such as CSI, EDI, anti-bribery, cybersecurity, data assurance and GDPR compliance

The aim of this approach is to ensure we work with robust organisations that have the stability and business viability to remain partners for the long-term.

Do you partner with the financial planning sector?

Yes, we have worked with a few companies in this sector.

In the financial planning sector, we work hard to demonstrate compliance and adherence to industry standards and best practice regarding regulated activities.

We are also completely impartial when working with partners who may be able to offer independent or restricted financial advice to members.

All chosen partners in the financial services sector must be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What will my partnership deliver?

A key element of partnering with the Law Society is the work delivered by our dedicated partnerships marketing team.

Each partner has both an account manager and marketing lead.

With regular meetings and activity reviews, we provide value and a premium service with tailored activities to deliver a return on investment.

How will I know if my target audience is engaging with my member offer?

Each month, the marketing lead will deliver monthly reports looking at your marketing stats and figures.

With the account manager, we can analyse your results and make recommendations on what we think should be next.

How much work is required from the partner?

You will provide all of your own marketing materials and write content for us.

However, this is a partnership, so the account manager and the marketing lead will guide you on topics and different campaigns.

Are partnerships exclusive?

We want our members to have a choice of products and services; therefore, we do not promise our partners exclusivity.


Damian Wasey, chief commercial officer, Mitigo


“Hiscox and the Law Society have a great relationship which has been built over the past 10 years. The partnership team at the Law Society offers fantastic account management and expertise in marketing to support our relationship.” 

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