The digital world has revolutionised organised crime and every law firm, large or small, is now a target for cyber criminals.
Mitigo Cybersecurity

Mitigo Cybersecurity

Mitigo provides cybersecurity and cyber risk management services to the legal sector.

Mitigo will provide you with visibility of your cyber risks, and secure you against attacks and business disruption.

Cybersecurity is not the job of IT support: it requires independent advice from cyber risk management specialists.

Without adequate protection in place, victims face:

  • ransomware attacks
  • serious disruption
  • email account takeover
  • theft of confidential information
  • financial loss
  • reputational damage
  • potential for regulator actions and fines

Mitigo’s support has been designed for law firms to offer proportionate and affordable security.

After assessing your risks, Mitigo will take care of the three areas needed to keep your business safe:


  • on- and off- site technology assessments
  • penetration testing
  • vulnerability assessments and vulnerability scanning
  • controls and configuration

People competence

  • E-learning
  • testing
  • simulated phishing


  • policies
  • cybersecurity handbook
  • control and risk management framework
  • risk management platform

This includes a dedicated expert client Helpdesk and a Sandbox to which suspicious content may be sent.

Emergency cyber breach response

  • emergency incident response and containment
  • forensics and investigation
  • assistance with reporting obligations

Certifications include:

  • Cyber Essentials
  • Cyber Essentials Plus
  • IASME Governance
  • ISO 27001

Download Mitigo's guide for ransomware prevention (2.8 MB):


Fox Williams:

“I am happy to recommend Mitigo. The level of detail and granularity of their work is impressive. Their complete cybersecurity service provides not only regular technical vulnerability assessments, but also effective cybersecurity awareness training and appropriate policies, procedures and governance regime.“

Aconveyancing :

“As a specialist conveyancing practice, it’s important for us to know that our systems are operationally resilient to cyber attack and our clients’ property transactions will not be disrupted. We chose Mitigo because of their expertise and experience in the conveyancing sector. Having them on board allows us to sleep at night.”

Seatons Solicitors:

“We’ve always taken cyber risk seriously but Mitigo’s vulnerability assessments gave us greater understanding and visibility of our true cyber risk, enabling us to close the gaps. As cybersecurity specialists in the legal sector they compliment our IT support. Their ongoing independent assurance provides us with peace of mind. And they’re always on hand when we need them.”

Cybersecurity in 100 seconds 

To learn more about how Mitigo can help you reduce your risk, watch these videos on:

  • email account takeover
  • ransomware
  • remote working
  • cloud platforms 

Cyber offer: free online cybersecurity assessment

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Wouldn’t you like to know the gaps in your cyber defences before you suffer a cyber breach?

Our partner Mitigo is offering a free online cybersecurity assessment to help you understand the areas of your firm that are most vulnerable to attack.