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Unnecessary disruption of the legal sector not in national interest

19 December 2017

Robust consumer protection and a competitive legal services market coexist in a justice system that works in the best interests of all, the Law Society of England and Wales said today following the Ministry of Justice’s response to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) study of legal services.

“As legal services evolve – whether because of changes in society, technology or our constitution – the solicitor profession is committed to ensuring the public interest and the best interests of clients are protected,” Law Society president Joe Egan said.

“And we have a responsibility to make sure the legal sector works in the best interests of each one of us - regardless of wealth, ethnicity or gender.”

"As the UK faces one of the biggest constitutional challenges in living memory, uncertainty for business should be reduced, not increased. Any unnecessary disruption of the legal sector is not in the national interest.

"English and Welsh law is one of our greatest exports - it also underpins the domestic economy. It is crucial we maintain confidence to provide the firmest possible foundation for Brexit negotiations."

Legal services are a real success story for the UK economy and employment. They make a significant contribution to the economy, amounting to £25.7bn in 2015, creating employment for at least 370,000 people and adding £3.6bn to our balance of payments.

Joe Egan added: "Helping clients to make informed choices so they can identify legal services that meet their needs is at the heart of every solicitor's practice.

“With each client, a solicitor aims to provide the right information, in the right way and at the right time – this is likely to vary considerably from person to person and case to case.

“We work constantly with the profession to identify and deliver ever more useful and accessible information about the many services people may need."

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