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DCLG publish call for evidence, ‘Improving the Home Buying and Selling Process’

26 October 2017

This call for evidence seeks views on 'how to make the process of home buying and selling cheaper, faster and less stressful'.

The consultation begins by saying that the current, largely paper-based approach will be digital in 25 years time, but that changes need to be made to the current process now.

The call for evidence seeks information from everyone with a professional interest in the sector, and the public, to gather ideas on:

  • what government should do
  • what the respondent is doing or should do
  • what the respondent thinks other parts of the sector should be doing.

This is a welcome opportunity to address concerns about the conveyancing process and suggest or effect improvements.

The consultation ends on 17 December 2017.

The government says it will use the responses 'to develop firm proposals to inject innovation into the process of home-buying, then work with all of those involved in the home buying and selling process to take those proposals forward alongside the innovations you are already driving'.

The call for evidence touches on issues that we have been discussing for some time, particularly in relation to new build and leasehold, and we hope that this exercise will result in improvements for consumers and for those acting for them.

We have been working on a number of initiatives that can be implemented with the agreement and co-operation of members. We will reference these in our response and we have mentioned these in meetings with government.

Some of these could involve possible changes to the Law Society National Conveyancing Protocol. If you work with the protocol you will no doubt have views and we are keen to hear them.

Respond directly to the survey

Read the full call for evidence

Alternately, please email us your views by 15:00 on 8 November so they can be considered by the Conveyancing and Land Law Committee when preparing the Law Society response. If you are responding directly and are prepared to let us have a copy of your response this would also be much appreciated.


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