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Don’t diminish profession, Law Society warns SRA

28 October 2016

The Law Society has told the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) it should not 'diminish the profession' after the regulator's board decided to issue a message to the public via national media to warn them against being duped by solicitors involved in fraud.

Law Society president Robert Bourns said:

'I am proud of this profession, which sets and observes high standards protecting and promoting the interests of clients, subject to the Rule of Law. Clearly the SRA as the regulator has a duty to root out anyone who falls short of those standards. This is necessary to maintain confidence.

'However, in seeking to do its job the SRA must not diminish the profession. The numbers involved in scams are tiny compared to the 166,000 solicitors working in 10,000 firms and in-house teams across England and Wales.

'The SRA have rightly commented that their note on scams does not apply to the vast majority of solicitors. It is a message they need to reinforce or risk damaging the public's trust in the whole profession.'