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Forensic testing in family proceedings

7 December 2017

There is an on-going police investigation into toxicology tests carried out at Randox Testing Services and Trimega Laboratories Limited (Trimega) between 2010 and 2017. We understand that Randox Testing Services predominantly produced reports in criminal cases, whereas hair strand tests by Trimega for drug and alcohol testing were used as expert evidence in court proceedings concerning children. Trimega went into administration in 2014.

Most of the tests conducted by these organisations during that period are now being treated as unreliable following advice from regulators. Due to the scale of the investigation, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has been unable to provide a list of samples affected. Results from other forensic test providers are not believed to be affected.

For those concerned that about reports produced by Trimega in their case, a bespoke court process has been developed and an application can be made using Form C650. A fee exemption applies for those using this new process. Further guidance is available on the MoJ website.

This bespoke process does not prevent use of existing court processes and applications, although current fees continue to apply to existing processes.


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