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Promoting diversity in an international context

25 September 2013

Multinational professional service firms are increasingly engaged in the practice of global diversity and inclusion (D&I), yet many questions remain with respect to the 'what' and the 'how' of this complex area.

To help answer these questions and inform best practice, Dr Louise Ashley at the University of Kent is embarking on a study of global D&I within the professional services sector and is currently recruiting law firms to take part.

Detailed findings from the study will be provided to participating firms, enabling them to benchmark their own practice against similar organisations, though the research will be conducted on a confidential basis.

Questions that Dr Ashley will address include:

  • how global is D&I defined
  • the types of policy being developed by firms
  • the key challenges firms face in devising and implementing global D&I and how these challenges can be overcome and
  • how global D&I fits within international firms' wider HRM strategy

Dr Ashley is an academic at the University of Kent and a visiting fellow at the Centre for Professional Service Firms, Cass Business School, who specialises in researching D&I in professional service firms.

Her research has been published in major academic management journals, and covered in both trade and national press. Find out more about Dr Ashley on the University of Kent website. To find out more about the project please contact her by email

Data collection for the project will begin Autumn/Winter 2013/14 and initial findings available by Summer 2014.

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